VeriePy Technology

Successful application of software approach to hardware verification

We have been aware of several issues about conventional verification methodology

  • applicable to a variety of devices but requiring much time before running testbenches
  • high reusability can be expected but that would also need large test code, resulting in dificulty in isolating problems
  • having high performance capability but difficult to design because of the steep learning curve

As one of the solutions, we have developed VeriePy, a technology for writing testbenches with software approach by directly connecting HDL simulator with Python, a script language, via DPI(Direct Programming Interface), intending to provide more light-weight and light-footed option in addition to the conventional methodology.

Technical overview

VeriePy is an extremely simple and thin bridge program which offers the following functions:

  1. Executes functions with clock port name depending on the posedge of clock port
  2. Gets values from port with portname.get() functions
  3. Sets values to port with portname.set(...) functions
  4. Returns to simulator after finshing functions

Performance comparison


Above show execution results of same tests with different methods.

Even though it takes some overhead for script processing and num transfer, overhead decreases progressively with the increased data. As a result, the differences of execution time fit within 150% to 200% while the number of lines for source code is under one third of that of UVM.

Distribution method

Distribution method is currently under discussion. If you are interested in this technology, please fill out a questionnaire bellow, or contact us Mail Address

Questionnaire on VeriePy distribution

Applicable software fields

■Firmware development

Firmware for several processors like ARM, ARC etc. Development of device drivers like network, PCIe...

■Prototype verification

Deliver effective prototype verification with our superior experiences and knowledge in hardware verification.

■System development

Develop from hardware logics and firmware/device drivers to OS. Capable of dealing with system development based on processor including FPGA as well.

■UI/GUI development

Develop UI/GUI based on our technologies for internal tools development.